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AVA 4 Protection Car System

AVA 4 Protection Car System

AVA 4 Protect is a simple 4-part chemical process that will allow you to clean and protect your car to a high standard in about 30 minutes. By following the process your vehicle will be left with a ceramic coating providing a deep shine that will last 4-6 weeks depending on mileage. 

You do not have to use all chemicals together they can be used individually. We have designed this system to be uncomplicated and simple to understand. Cleaning a car properly to a high standard can be a daunting proposition these days with numerous products on the market. It’s AVA’s aim to make this as simple and as enjoyable as possible.    

The entire range is safe to use on surfaces with protection already in place.  


Pre-Wash, Foam Cleaner, and Seal and Shine all dilute to 1:9 or 10%. You can increase this to 1:4 or 20% with the Pre-Wash and Foam Cleaner for heavier soiled surfaces. We would recommend 1:9 or 10% and repeating the process though. Seal and shine should always be at 1:9 or 10% and use sparingly.  

The wheel cleaner is designed to be used neat and sprayed directly from the bottle.  

Step 1 - Wheel Cleaner

Using the trigger spray bottle apply liberally onto each wheel. The gel-like spray will cling to the wheel and begin to react with the brake dust turning red in colour.  

Always apply to cold wheels and do not let dry.  

For best results agitate gently with a brush and rinse off with an AVA pressure washer. Repeat the process if the wheel is very heavily soiled.  

View AVA Wheel Cleaner

Step 2 - Pre-Wash

AVA pre-wash will remove 90% of the dirt on your vehicle. It's important to do this so that we won't damage the paintwork when we remove the final 10% by agitating.  

Apply the pre-wash via a foam cannon from the bottom up, for best results use an AVA Premium Foam Cannon. Leave for 3- 6 mins. Do not allow it to dry. Then rinse off from the bottom up. 

It's not essential to remove all the chemicals at this stage but do try to remove as much dirt as possible when using the pressure washer. 

View AVA Pre-Wash

Step 3 - Foam Cleaner

The Foam Cleaner will help to break down the last 10% of dirt and act as a lubricator while agitating the surface to avoid marking the surface.  

Apply to the surface from the bottom up using a foam cannon, we would advise using an AVA Premium Foam Cannon. Leave to dwell for 3- 8 mins, do not allow to dry.  

Agitate with a sponge or mitt but for best results use the AVA Mop Flow head with an AVA pressure washer. Then rinse off removing all traces of the chemical.  

View AVA Foam Cleaner

Step 4 - Seal and Shine

This is the most satisfying part of the process.   

Simply Spray on by using a foam cannon. We would recommend the AVA Premium Foam Cannon.  

The product will go on like a foam and quickly dissipate into small white beads. Pressure Wash off immediately. Do not let dry. Try to avoid the front windscreen. You will see the water simply slide off. For best results dry off using a drying towel. You should now have a very clean car with a deep shine that has a ceramic coating lasting approximately 4 weeks depending on mileage. 

View AVA Seal and Shine

Top Tips:

What is in which bottle? 

If you use the AVA Premium Foam Cannon system we have made it easy to remember what chemical is in what bottle. On the side of each beaker is a number 1, 2, 3.  

1 = 1st Chemical used in the Premium Foam Cannon Cirus Pre-Wash 

2 = 2nd Chemical used in the Premium Foam Cannon Foam Cleaner  

3 = 3rd Chemical used in the premium Foam Cannon Seal and Shine  

You can also purchase extra premium foam cannon dispensers so you can have one for each beaker and use the lids on the bottom for extra stability.  


Remember your bottom! 

It’s so satisfying to have a sparkling clean car but the part that really needs to be clean is the underneath. By using a 90° lance on the end of the zoom lance you can get all the way underneath your car and clean off all the dirt stuck to the chassis that can cause real damage long term.  

You can also consider the Flexi Lance ideal if you have a large 4 x 4.  

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