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Partners and Ambassadors

Our partners and ambassadors are key to our success. By working together, we help them achieve their goals, and their support helps us grow and come up with new ideas.


TradeTracker is an affiliate marketing platform that brings advertisers and publishers together.

As a publisher, you have the opportunity to partner with us by promoting our products on your website to earn a commission.

If you are a publisher and you would like to work with us, you will first have to create an account on the TradeTracker website.

You can create an account via this link: Create a TradeTracker Publisher Account

When your account has been created, TradeTracker will have to approve you on the network and then you can apply to our campaign.

You can read up more on how to be a publisher on TradeTracker here: Publishers TradeTracker.com


Trustpilot is an online review community that connects businesses and consumers through genuine feedback from customers about their buying and service experiences.

Anyone can leave a review for a product or service, whether positive or negative.

At AVA of Norway, we value our customers' feedback on our products and service. They help us to make improvements and to provide lasting solutions for all of our customers.

To assist us in obtaining customer feedback, we automatically send our customers a review invitation email after a purchase or service experience. We truly appreciate the time that you take to give us your honest ratings and feedback.

Our total collected reviews and overall satisfaction rating can be found here:

AVA of Norway Trustpilot Reviews

Right to Repair - Europe

AVA of Norway is happy to be part of Right to Repair, a group that fights for your right to fix and keep up the things you buy.

Lately, it has been too easy to just throw things away because new stuff is cheap and fixing things is hard. But that's starting to change.

Thanks to goals set by the UN and new rules from the EU, it is getting easier for people to look after their purchase and make them last longer. Soon, we'll even see labels on products showing how fixable they are, kind of like the energy labels we have now. This wouldn't be happening without Right to Repair's hard work.

Because of our work with Right to Repair, you now get:

  • Products that are simpler to take care of and fix
  • Longer warranty plans
  • Spare parts that are way cheaper than what our competitors charge

We're all in on supporting Right to Repair and we hope you'll support them too.