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AVA 90° Angled Lance

  • Car
  • Motorcycle

The AVA 90° Angle Lance is the perfect tool when you need better access to tight and angled areas during cleaning. It allows you to reach places that would otherwise be difficult to access without having to assume an uncomfortable position. With the AVA 90° Angle Lance, cleaning wheel wells on your car or other similar surfaces becomes easy and efficient. The lance is specially designed to handle such challenging areas and ensures thorough cleaning without the need to stretch or bend unnaturally. The angle lance is equipped with a 40° nozzle that ensures a powerful water flow and a precise cleaning effect. Additionally, the end of the lance is equipped with rubber protection to prevent scratches on the surfaces you are working on. This provides you with confidence and protection while achieving thorough cleaning. Upgrade your cleaning experience with the AVA 90° Angle Lance. With this practical tool, you can easily reach difficult-to-access areas and achieve a thorough cleaning effect. Take control of cleaning angled surfaces and achieve impressive results without straining your body.

  • Allows you to flush in wheel arches
  • Ergonomic working position
  • 40° nozzle and rubber protection
  • Clean hard-to-reach areas
  • Compatible with AVA pressure washers


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