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AVA Wheel Cleaner

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AVA Wheel Cleaner is a pH-neutral product that reacts with brake dust's iron contamination, revealing a red bleed to show that it’s working. This chemical reaction transforms iron into a water-soluble solution, simplifying the removal of baked-on brake dust through easy rinsing. While it effortlessly tackles general road grime without agitation, stubborn brake dust may benefit from some agitation for optimal results.

  • Step 1 of AVA 4 Protect series
  • Targets brake dust: pH-neutral formula reacts with iron for deep cleaning
  • Easy rinsing: Chemical reaction loosens dust for effortless removal with water
  • Tackles road grime: Cleans everyday dirt without scrubbing
  • Boosts for tough dust: Use with light agitation for heavily caked-on brake dust


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