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    AVA Car Care Kit

    • Car
    • Boat
    • Motorcycle
    • Bike

    AVA car care kit provides you with a gentle and effective way to clean your car. The set includes everything you need to keep your car clean and shiny. With the included basic foam cannon, the application of the cleaning solution is made easy and efficient. The 40° nozzle provides a gentle yet effective cleaning of your car, while the 90° angled lance makes it easy to clean under the car and in the wheel wells. The accessory swivel changes the direction of the spray pattern from horizontal to vertical dispersion, allowing you to adjust the spray as needed. The AVA mop makes it easy to scrub and remove dirt and grime from your car. With the AVA car care kit, your car will always look like new.

    • Basic foam cannon and 40° nozzle
    • 90° angled lance and microfiber mop
    • Accessory swivel that rotates spread
    • Less risk of scratches
    • Simple and effective car cleaning


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