AVA Facade Kit

The Facade kit is great for wooden surfaces and outdoor furniture. The Foam Cannon gives the cleaning surface a layer of detergent for more efficient cleaning while the 35 cm lance gives you a more comfortable reach. You can combine the 35 cm lance with our other AVA lances for even greater reach. The 60° nozzle and facade brush provides gentle yet efficient cleaning for all surfaces.


AVA Car Care Kit

The Car Care Kit helps you clean your car in a gentle and efficiently. AVAs accessory swivel allows you to rotate any equipment attached in 15° increments, perfect when you want to change the nozzle spray pattern from a horizontal to a vertical spread. The kit also includes a foam cannon for easy application of detergent, a 40° nozzle for gentle and efficient pressure cleaning of your car and a 90° angled lance for easy cleaning underneath the car and in wheel arches. The AVA Mop makes for an even and easy scrub, leaving your car looking brand new!


AVA Pipe & Gutter Cleaning Kit

The Pipe & Gutter cleaning kit makes unclogging of pipes and gutters fun and easy. AVAs 135° lance ensures easy access to your gutters from below while the pipe cleaning hose with rotating nozzle ensures efficient and thorough cleaning of pipes and drains.


AVA Universal Kit

Do you own another brand of pressure washer, but are interested in what AVA has to offer? Then the universal kit is for you! The AVA Universal Kit lets you use AVA equipment on many other brands of pressure washers.

This kit will fit most Kärcher (with the included adapter), Nilfisk, Bosch, Stihl, Husqvarna and Makita. The kit includes a short nosed gun, zoom lance, vario nozzle and a Kärcher adapter. Please compare your hose connector with the pictures below or contact your local dealer if you are uncertain about compatibility.


AVA Nozzle Kit

The AVA Nozzle Kit includes five different nozzles from the most powerful to the most gentle spread and a 35 cm extension lance. These nozzles cover a large variety of different areas of use when cleaning.

Includes: turbo nozzle, 15° nozzle, 25° nozzle, 40° nozzle, 60° nozzle, and a 35 cm lance.


AVA Patio Cleaner Kit

The AVA Patio Cleaner Kit gives excellent results on more than just your patio. It can be used on most flat surfaces like wooden decks, pavements, brickwork and facades. When combined with the AVA Zoom Lance you’ll find yourself cleaning large surfaces with ease!

Includes: A height adjustable Premium Patio Cleaner and Facade Brush