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    AVA First Aid Kit


    AVA First Aid Kit is an essential spare parts kit for maintenance of your AVA accessories. The kit contains most of what you need to repair and maintain your AVA equipment, including o-ring fixes for AVA male bayonet system, o-rings for AVA male hose quick connect (5.31.6 NBR 90), steel mesh for AVA foam cannon, filter cartridge with o-ring, o-ring (81.8 NBR 90), o-ring (112.5 NBR 60) Gardena Male, Torx, screw 315, and screw ST4.8*16. So no matter what kind of repair needs you have, the AVA First Aid Kit has everything you need to keep your AVA accessories in top condition.

    • Mesh for foam cannon
    • O-rings for high pressure hose
    • O-rings for nozzles
    • Lock ring nozzles
    • Maintenance of your AVA accessories


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