AVA warranty

At AVA of Norway, we are passionate about our products and want them to last. Less throwaway, and more focus on maintenance of solid products is simply a good environmental measure. Launching a thorough service program and providing up to 20 year warranty is a part of our contribution to long lasting products.

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The new experience

  • Get closer – Wash wider
  • Optimized power & water force
  • New tilt resistant design & “Follow-Me” hose reel

Designed for you

  • Adjustable tool length for any task
  • Zero-Force trigger for strain reduction
  • Unique practical tool rack for the lance

Made to last

  • Long lasting 4-cylinder metal pump
  • Flexible steel reinforced hose
  • AVA Service Program beyond the warranty
AVA Pressure Washers

This machine has a long lasting 4 & 6-cylinder metal pump for durability and performance, low center of gravity and our “follow me” hose reel with space for 20m hose.

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This pressure washer has an all-metal V4 long lasting pump (4-cylinders) for durability and performance. Due to an extendable front support and the low center of gravity, the master series is tilt-resistant. Includes our “follow me” hose reel

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Master series

The AVA Smart is all about doing the smart and economical choice. Get much of the feautures from the Master and Evolution series in a light-weight packaging. Included an Ava all-metal V3 pump with 3 cylinders. Enjoy tilt resistant design, steel armed hose, «follow me» hose-reel and AVA’s zero force gun and zoomlance.

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The GO was engineered and designed for those of you which is in the market for a lightweight pressurewasher, easy to work with, but still has your expectations for quality and user experience

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Go Model

More power, less sound, and once more - significantly increased lifetime. So we wrapped it up in a simple but solid frame, for easy wallmount. Of course, you can bring it with other tools in your car too. But please consider that this pure powerpack has a heavy weight

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Areas of use for Pressure Washers and Accessories:

Vario Nozzle 03

The Vario nozzle and the Zero-Force gun can be used to clean outdoor furniture without damaging it. It is perfect when preparing your outdoor furniture for a new summer season.

Rørspylerslange 3

The pipe flushing hose makes it easier for you to clean gutters and pipes, allowing you to easily take care of the task yourself. This accessory is practical to have lying around in case the pipes get clogged and you need to clean them to prevent flooding in the pipes.

25 Nozzle 03

The 25 ° nozzle provides a thorough cleaning, it easily removes algae, dust and dirt, but it's also gentle on the surface. Move the nozzle closer to remove dirt that sticks extra well.

Microfiber Mop 03

The Microfiber Mop with water flow is perfect to use on fragile surfaces such as windows or the car. The water flow makes the mop glide easily at the same time as it gets rid of dirt and dust. This reduces the risk of scratches.

A pressure washer has many different uses, which is why AVA wants to offer both solid pressure washers but also user-friendly accessory that allows all washing jobs to become easier.

Our pressure washers are made to last, which is why we offer spare parts and a long warranty, so that you as a user can enjoy the product for a long time. Thank you for choosing AVA.