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AVA Facade Brush

Cleaning Equipment
  • Stone
  • Woodwork

The AVA Facade Brush with high-pressure nozzles is the perfect solution for effective and gentle cleaning of facades and other surfaces. It is easy to use and suitable for most surfaces, allowing you to achieve a thorough and professional cleaning. The brush is equipped with three integrated 60° high-pressure nozzles that provide a wide and powerful water spray, effectively removing dirt, algae, and other grime. At the same time, the brush is gentle on the surfaces, allowing you to clean without worrying about damage or scratches. The AVA Facade Brush is compatible with all AVA high-pressure washers, and you can easily connect it to your preferred model. It is designed to provide you with easy and hassle-free cleaning, allowing you to achieve a brilliant and clean facade without stress. Take the cleaning of facades and other surfaces to a new level with the AVA Facade Brush with high-pressure nozzles. Achieve outstanding results and an impressive appearance with minimal effort.

  • Can be combined with the AVA zoom lance
  • Connects to lance or AVA gun
  • Suitable for most surfaces
  • Gentle treatment of surfaces
  • For 120 to 160 bar


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