At AVA of Norway we're striving to create products that lasts as long as possible. That's why we give our customers an extended warranty of up to 20 years without expensive service agreements. For the models AVA GO, V6, Easy and Smart the warranty applies up to 10 years, for AVA Master and Evolution a full 20 years warranty applies.
AVA Warranty English
AVA Warranty English


The consumer guarantee means that our products have been developed to be repairable, and that you as a consumer can choose to maintain and repair the machine yourself and thus benefit from our consumer guarantee. It should be easy to take care of an AVA product, and we believe that you as a customer should be rewarded for the work you put into maintenance with an extended warranty.

For us, environmentally friendly design, the customer's right to maintenance, long product life, the ability to repair, reuse and circular economy are more than just words. AVA of Norway is a member of Right to Repair Europe and works continuously for improvements to extend the life cycle of all AVA products. By arranging for you yourself, or you get help, to carry out the necessary maintenance safely and easily without unnecessary costs, we have made several films that show how to maintain your pressure washer. You can buy spare parts and service kits for your pressure washer here.

1. Register your purchase

2. Do a service minimum every 5th year

3. AVA supports you with non-profit spare parts and DIY videos

4. Get help from AVA if you do not want to do it yourself


A recent EU report* shows that domestic pressure washers have too short lifespans.

AVA thinks this cannot continue, and the cycle of “use and dispose of” must be replaced with “maintain and repair.” We aim to reduce waste and overuse as much as possible.

We want everyone to be able to repair and maintain their AVA.

Just as one maintains their lawnmower or chainsaw, a pressure washer lasts much longer with regular maintenance. We want to help you make the process easy, simple, and affordable.

Follow our service program and get up to a 20-year extended guarantee.

We have created a warranty scheme where we cover up to twenty years, depending on the product model.

The only thing you need to do is perform a service at least once every 5 years.


1. Register your new AVA pressure washer at https://avaofnorway.warrantyreg
Register the purchase on our website within 6 months from the date of purchase.

Register here: https://avaofnorway.warrantyreg

2. Perform service if necessary and at least every 5 years.

A high-pressure washer will last much longer if it is serviced regularly. We will help you so that you can easily and reasonably do this yourself. By registering service performed on our website, the warranty is extended by 5 years. For the AVA GO, V6, and Smart models, the warranty is extended up to 10 years, and for AVA Master and Evolution a full 20 years.

Get help and order a service set for your washer

You will find service kits, instructional videos, and information on what you need on our website. AVA can also take the service for you if you wish.

Other things you might be wondering:

A 20-year warranty, how is that possible?

AVA believes we cannot continue to use and dispose of products as we have become accustomed to. Together we can make products last longer. AVA builds products that are made to last and quality has influenced our design since day one. If you take care of your washer with regular service, the service life will increase considerably.

Is it challenging to service yourself?

At avaofnorway.com/garanti you will find step by step videos and everything you need to service your machine. If this proves too difficult, you can get your service done at a service center.

What is covered by the consumer guarantee?

The guarantee covers the cost of parts and labor if for example your pressure washer's motor, power transmission, or electrical components fail. You can think of it as coverage for all the things not covered via the service kits, where worn-down parts such as valves and seals are replaced.

What is not covered by the consumer guarantee?

The pump's worn-down parts are included in the service kits and are not covered. Accessories, such as hoses, pressure pistols, and nozzles, wear down over time and are “used up” during use. If a nozzle has reached the end of its expected lifespan, it is not covered. All accessories are covered for up to 5 years if there is a manufacturing defect as stated in the Consumer Purchase Act.

Questions and answers can you find here: https://www.avaofnorway.com/ho...

Spare parts and service kits

We are also launching AVA STORE where you can buy service kits and non-profit spare parts directly from AVA.

Learn more at https://www.avaofnorway.com/wa...

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