About Easy P55

Easy P55 delivers 140 bar og 450 liters of water, which gives a powerful and efficient result. The high-pressure washer comes with a three-stamped metal pump that deliveres good pressure while also ensuring that the washer is stable during use. The pump in the high-pressure washer is made of metal in order to be service-friendly and to provide increased sevice life.

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The high-pressure washer comes with AVA's PG3 Zero-Force gun, water filter, award-winning zoom lance, turbo nozzle, vario nozzle 20°/60° and 12-meter flexible hose. There is also a separate storage space for the power cable on the machine.

The Zero-Force pressure gun is designed so that the handle is easier to press during use. The Zero-Force function contributes to a more comfortable experience while using the pressure washer. The zoom lance can be adjusted between 63 cm and 96 cm, so you can wash both high and low without problems. The length adjustment makes it easier to work more correctly while at the same time getting a good distance to the washing surface.

In 2018, AVA received the Red Dot Award: Product Design for ease of use and design of the Zoom lance.


Bar is a measurement of how high the pressure is when the water leaves the nozzle; the "velocity" of the water.

Liters per hour shows how much water goes through the pressure washer every hour; the amount of water leaving the nozzle.

Watt is the amount of electrical energy used by the motor and pump.


140 BAR (MAX)




12M flexible hose

Weight with hose

10.4 Kg