Easy adjustment: both the spreading angle and quantity are easy to adjust and provide good control. Quantity adjustment of soap can be adjusted from 0 to approximately 7% (depending on the type of detergent) and it has 9 steps so you can easily switch between different mixing ratios. You can use concentrate or mix the soap in the bottle or cup. The spread angle allows for a narrow beam up to 12 meters in length, which is perfect for roofs and house walls.

Quality: the foam cannon is easy to maintain. The foam filter is made of acid-resistant steel and the brass nozzle provides a long service life. The suction hose is a high-quality silicone hose that remains soft and flexible over a long period of time.

Bottle and cup: as standard, you get the foam cannon with a 0,6 liters cup. You will find good help for mixing ratios with both smaller deciliters measures as well as a scale for % and fraction. You can use standard bottles as most 1-liter soap bottles have the same threads as half-liter bottles of soft drink. They will both fit right on. We have made lids with a stacking function, so if you have several containers, you can stack the containers after your choice. The cups are also stable in relation to putting down the foam cannon or container. You can attach the lid to the bottom of the bottle to make it even more stable. This kit comes with three 1L containers.

In selected package solutions or as additional equipment, you can also get a 1-liter beaker, which has a cl measure at the bottom for even more accurate mixing of detergents

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  • Not all detergents have foaming agents. You can still apply them to the foam cannon, but they do not necessarily turn into thick foam.
  • The water flow from the pressure washer significantly impacts the mix ratio. Set the mix to a lower setting with smaller pressure washer models.
  • The thicker the detergent, the higher setting on the foam cannon is needed for a proper mix.
  • Due to these variables, it’s impossible to set an exact mixing ratio. The general rule is: use the lowest possible setting that gives a desirable result.
  • Always spray a while with the bottle detached after cleaning, to properly rinse the inside of the foam cannon and prevent detergent from drying and clogging the product.

Product number - suits P30-P80


Product number - suits P90