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AVA Telescopic Lance

  • Stone
  • Window
  • Woodwork

With the AVA telescopic lance, you get the perfect solution for cleaning at heights. It's time to replace the ladder with this convenient telescopic lance. Now you can easily perform rinsing and brushing from ground level without having to climb up and down. With the lance, you can easily apply detergent as needed. You have the option to use the foam cannon with an attached bottle for a smooth and thorough application, or you can use the adjustable foam cannon on the telescopic lance for increased convenience. To achieve a lower center of gravity, the soap bottle can be attached directly to the gun. Enjoy a simpler and more efficient cleaning experience with the AVA telescopic lance. Don't let height be a hindrance anymore.

  • Adjustable up to 4 meters
  • Adjustable head angle
  • House or vehicle cleaning
  • Soap bottle can be attached to the gun
  • Compatible with AVA pressure washers


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