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AVA Microfibre Mop with Waterflow

Cleaning Equipment
  • Car
  • Boat
  • Window
  • Motorcycle
  • Mobile Home

The AVA Microfibre Mop with Water Flow is the ideal accessory for gentle cleaning of delicate surfaces such as cars and windows. With the built-in water flow, the mop glides smoothly over the surface, effectively removing dirt while reducing the risk of scratches. With the AVA Microfibre Mop with Water Flow, you can achieve a thorough and gentle cleaning of delicate surfaces. The mop is designed for easy use and ensures even distribution of the water flow for optimal cleaning efficiency. By using this mop, you can achieve a flawless finish without risking any damage or scratches. Give your delicate surfaces the care they deserve with the AVA Microfibre Mop with Water Flow. With its interchangeable Microfibre pads and gentle water flow, this mop provides you with the best results for cleaning and maintaining your valuable belongings.

  • Can be combined with the AVA zoom lance
  • Connects to lance or AVA gun
  • Suitable for delicate surfaces
  • Compatible with all AVA pressure washers
  • Mop with waterflow


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