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AVA Accessory Swivel Joint

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The AVA Accessory Swivel joint is the ideal addition to your pressure washer, providing you with optimal flexibility to adjust the angle of nozzles and other accessories. With a 360° rotation and 15° intervals, you can easily fine-tune the spray pattern to achieve the desired result. This innovative solution is a direct response to consumer demands, particularly from the car cleaning community. When working with a pressure washer, it can be challenging to achieve the right angle and direction of the water jet, especially when cleaning cars or horizontal surfaces. With the AVA accessory swivel, you can effortlessly adjust the angle of nozzles and accessories in any direction, ensuring you always achieve the perfect working position regardless of the task at hand. Enjoy full control and precision during cleaning with the AVA accessory swivel. It allows you to fine-tune the spray pattern as needed, ensuring a thorough and efficient result every time. Experience easy and seamless adjustment of the angle of nozzles and accessories, and achieve the optimal working position for your cleaning tasks. The AVA accessory swivel is the perfect companion to enhance your pressure washer experience.

  • Full adjustability: Adjust the angle of nozzles and accessories with 360° movement
  • Precision and control: Achieve precision and perform the job with the perfect working position.
  • Optimal spray pattern: Achieve the desired spray pattern, especially on cars and horizontal surfaces.
  • Versatile use: Suitable for nozzles and other accessories for unrestricted adjustability
  • Tailored for car cleaning: Developed with the car cleaning community in mind.


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