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The AVA concept

Innovation from Norway

Depicted: Harald Lavik & Morten Torlei

We at AVA of Norway are passionate about our products and want them to last for as long as possible.

It should be easy to take care of an AVA product, and we believe that you as a customer should be rewarded for the effort you put into maintenance with an extended warranty.

The founders

After 20 years of experience in providing service for major brands in the pressure washer market, we have accumulated great knowledge about what is functional and what is not.

Not only the obvious issues from a seller's standpoint but also about how the customer views their own products. We knew that we wanted to offer our knowledge by providing products that were user-friendly and with highly increased efficiency.

“Growing up with a father dedicated to the pressure washer market in the 80s it was not unnatural that I ended up in the same industry decades later. Learning sales the hard way from demanding customers. the grievance of limited development and untapped opportunities brought me and my co-founders; Harald Lavik and Torkild Kaland to take a chance and create something new".

– Morten Torlei, CEO & Founder

We are developing and working continuously to produce more user-friendly, practical, and efficient solutions for high-pressure washing. Our designers and engineers work hand in hand to find better solutions to improve and build the AVA brand further. Our goal is to become the most innovative brand in the high-pressure washer market. We can proudly say that AVA has reinvented the experience of high-pressure cleaning.

Depicted: Torkild Kaland, Morten Torlei, Harald Lavik

“... AVA has reinvented the experience of high-pressure cleaning”

“The ideas were plenty when we started with market surveys in 2014. One year later Swantech AS was founded and we began to fully focus on developing the AVA brand. The Zoom Lance, the Follow-Me Hose Reel, the stability of the machines, and the quality giving a longer lifespan is just the beginning.”

– Morten Torlei, CEO & Founder

The new experience - made to last

Less throwaway and more focus on the maintenance of solid products is simply a good environmental measure. We constantly strive to improve on Environmentally Friendly Design. Together with the Customer's Right to Maintenance, this results in reduced maintenance costs and an extended Consumer Guarantee.

"A manufacturer and a customer working together to take care of the product is a dream team"

AVA of Norway is confident that our customers will appreciate trouble-free maintenance that results in fewer throwaways. Together, we contribute to reduced costs and more sustainable development.

AVA pressure washers

AVA Warranty

Read more about our Warranty. Learn how it works and see what you need to do to be able to activate the warranty for your AVA pressure washer.