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Step by step guide

Telescopic Lance: Repair locked angle adjustment

Learn how to easily Repair the Angle Adjustment on your AVA Telescopic Lance with this step-by-step guide. All you need are: Flathead screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver and a nippers. Safety first! To prevent any accidents, ensure that your Lance is disconnected from your pressure washer.

1. Overview of components

a) Screw 3*15 (95-100-542)

b) U-pin 21mm (95-100-787)

c) Head swivel lock (95-100-784)

d) Swivel release button spring (95-100-785)

e) Head swivel release button (95-100-783)

f) Head cover left (95-100-790)

g) Head cover right (95-100-786)

2. Remove U-pin

Use the flathead screwdriver to tilt out the U- Pin, then pull it out.

3. Remove Head Cover Left

a) Use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the 3 Phillips screws.

b) Pull off the Cover

4. Remove Head swivel lock

a) Use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the center Phillips screw.

b) Pull out the Head swivel.

5. Remove the locking problem

a) Dirt problem: If the reason for the unwanted locking is dirt in the swivel area, Remove det dirt and reassemble the system before testing.

b) Mechanical problem: If one of the hooks in the Head Cover Right is broken and is wedging the swivel system, you must remove these hooks:

Use a nippers or similar tool, to cut away the 4 hooks in the Head Cover Right.

These hooks are only for factory assembly purpose, and they are removed on newer products.

6. Reassemble the system

a) Put together the swivel. secure the swivel assembly with the Phillips screw.

b) Place the Head Cove left onto the Head Cover Right. Use the Phillips screwdriver to secure the covers with 3 screws

c) Press the U-pin all the way into its belonging groove.