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The difference between Smart and Master

Smart Series: - 10-year warranty - 3-piston pump - Universal motor - Steel-reinforced hose - Requires assembly - 92 dB noise level - Weight: 10-10.6 kg Master Series: - 20-year warranty - 4-piston pump - Induction motor - Steel-reinforced hose - Ready to use straight out of the box - 90.7 dB noise level - Weight: 28 kg

Smart Series

The Smart Series is designed with a 3-piston pump, a standard in most pressure washers, but not all have a solid aluminum housing like Smart. With its high-quality aluminum pump, we can offer a 10-year warranty.

This series uses a universal motor, a brush motor where the brushes wear over time. The machine is convenient and relatively easy to move, even when it can't be wheeled.

Even as an economy class machine, Smart comes with a robust steel-reinforced hose and accessories typically found in larger machines, like the Master Series.

Master Series

By investing a bit more in the Master Series, you get:

A more robust construction, with stronger chassis, wheels, and drum. It is easier to wheel around, but also noticeably heavier, partly due to a larger 4-piston pump (with more than double the lifespan) and a significantly larger brushless motor (induction motor).

The Master Series stands out with its unique quality compared to most on the market. By innovating around service and maintenance, we have made it cost-effective to take care of these products.

With the Master Series, you get a 20-year warranty, provided that you perform maintenance at least every 5 years, with parts sold at reasonable prices.

The Master is quieter and more suitable for longer work sessions, such as when washing the entire house on a nice spring day.

In 2024, we launched Master 2.0.

2.0 is an upgraded version with the following new features:

a) Accessories bracket for storing accessories on the Machine handle and on the lance.

b) Upgrated Reel with:

- Hose guide that makes it easier to reel in hose on drum.

- Protection covers that make a more solid reel-structure.

c) Clips for better storage of the power cable.

d) Vario Nozzle with titanium alloy.