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Step by step guide

Slim: Replace Bayonet Rotor & Nozzles

Learn how to easily replace the Rotor and Nozzles on your Slim Patio Cleaner with this step-by-step guide. All you need are Torx 25, one flathead screwdriver, or similar tools. Safety first! To prevent any accidents, ensure that your Patio Cleaner is disconnected from your pressure washer.

1. Remove U-pin

Use a flat screwdriver to tilt out the U-pin.

2. Pull out the Rotor

Carefully withdraw the rotor from the swivel.

3. Disassemble nozzle from Rotor

a) Use the flat screwdriver (or similar tool) to tilt out the U-pin.

b) Use the narrow side of the screwdriver inside the groove and gently push the nozzle out of Rotor.

4. Install nozzle

If the nozzle is used, it's wise to check if there is dirt in the nozzle. Inspect the nozzle for foreign objects. Optionally, blow into the nozzle to check if it is blocked. Remove foreign objects with a needle.

a) Gently push the nozzle into the Rotor end. Make sure the nozzle opening (c) is aligned with the groove in Rotor. Check the two O-rings d) for placement and damage.

b) Secure the nozzle with the U-Pin.

5. Install Rotor

a) Press the rotor onto the swivel.

b) Push the U-pin through the shaft.