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Oil quantity - AVA pressure washers

AVA high-pressure washers come in various models that use either 0.5 or 1 dl of oil in their oil system. Proper oil refilling is essential for maintaining the machine's optimal performance. Here are some important guidelines regarding oil for your AVA machine:

Compatible oil:

First and foremost, it is important to choose the right type of oil for your machine. AVA recommends the use of either LHM oil or hydraulic oil. Ensure that the oil is "Non detergent" to avoid problems with the system. You only need a few deciliters of this specific oil.

Correct refilling:

When filling oil in your machine, make sure it covers the bearing where the pistons rest, which is between the upper bearing and the swash plate. This ensures lubrication of the critical components and smooth operation.

A detailed procedure for oil refilling is described in the maintenance guides for 10-year service. See guides below.

Refilling and oil residues:

If you are changing oil or need to refill, there may be oil residues left in the system. Therefore, it is crucial to measure the amount of oil carefully and refill until the bearing in contact with the pistons is sufficiently lubricated.

Closed oil system and possible leaks:

AVA high-pressure washers operate with a closed oil system, meaning the machine does not consume oil over time. However, leaks may occur in rare cases, especially during prolonged dry running or if there is a fault or damage to the O-ring around the oil housing.

Ensuring that the oil amount is correct and the oil is the right type will keep your AVA high-pressure washer operating optimally and extend its lifespan. Regular maintenance of the oil system helps ensure that the machine remains reliable and efficient for many years to come.