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Is it safe to leave my AVA outdoors?

An AVA high-pressure washer is designed for outdoor work, robust enough to handle the elements thanks to its CE certification. This safety certification ensures that electrical components are adequately shielded against precipitation and that the machine can perform even under the sunniest and hottest conditions summer can bring. When it comes to winter storage, the situation changes significantly. The high-pressure washer is not built to withstand sub-zero temperatures. Water freezing inside the machine can quickly lead to damages that are both costly and frustrating. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the machine is properly drained of water and stored in a frost-free location to avoid unnecessary maintenance and repairs. When we talk about "frost," we don't just mean direct exposure to snow or ice, but also colder temperature environments that can cause water inside the machine to freeze and thus cause damage. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of the temperature conditions where the high-pressure washer is stored, even if there is no visible snow or ice present.