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Step by step guide

Foam cannon PN39: Filter replacement

Learn how to easily replace the mesh filter in your Foam Cannon-PN39 with this step-by-step guide. All you need are a new mesh filter (95-100-443) and a narrow flathead screwdriver. You can find the new filter in our First Aid Kit, which is available for purchase on our website. Safety first! To prevent any accidents, ensure that your Foam Cannon is disconnected from your pressure washer.

1. Overview of components

a)Front Cover

b)Spreader nozzle

c)Foam nozzle

d)Stainless steel mesh (95-100-443)

e)Air nozzle

f)Front cover lock pin

g)O-ring (8*1.8 NBR 90) (95-100-447)  

h)O-ring fixer (95-100-448)

i)Clicker Pin with spring

j)Silicone hose (95-100-742)

2. Remove Lock-pin

Use the flathead screwdriver to tilt out the Lock-Pin.

3. Disassembly Main Nozzles

a)Pull off front cover

b)Pull off Spreader nozzle and Foam nozzle as one sub-assembly

4. Push out Filter

Use the Lock-Pin to push the filter out of the Foam Nozzle cylinder

5. Install new filter

Put the filter into the Foam Nozzle cylinder. Use your finger to push it to the bottom of the cylinder

6. Reassemble the Foam Cannon

a)Put the filter assembly onto the fom cannon

b)Put the Clicker Pin into its groove

7. Install the Front Cover

a)Press and hold the Clicker Pin with the screwdriver.

b)At the same time, push the Front cover over the Clicker Pin.

8. Secure the Front Cover

Press the Locker Pin all the way into the grooves.