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Step by step guide

Female Hose-coupling: Disassembly

The female coupling is used on AVA extension hoses.

Learn how to easily disassemble a Female Hose coupling with this step-by-step guide. All you need are Pointed Cutting pliers and a flathead screwdrivers or similar tools. Safety first! To prevent any accidents, ensure that the hose is disconnected from the pressure washer.

1. Overview of components and tools

Below you can see an overview of components and tools:

a) Inner sleeve

b) Outer sleeve

c) Release-Clip

d) U-Clip

e) Hose quick connectors

f) Pointed cutting pliers or similar tool

g) Flat screwdriver or similar tool

2. Disconnect the Release-Clip

a) Use a flat screwdriver to press gently against the underside of the cotter pin.

b) To loosen the Release-Clip Use a pointed cutting pliers to gently press in two snap lock on the Outer Sleeve.

3. Pull out the Release-Clip

Push with the screwdriver and pull with hand/tool the Release-Clip c) out of the groove.

4. Pull away Outer Sleeve

Pull the outer sleeve (b) in the direction indicated by the arrow until the entire inner sleeve (a) is visible.

5. Remove Hose 1

Withdraw Hose 1 from the Inner Sleeve.

6. Remove U-Clip on Hose 2

Put the screwdriver into the groove and pull out the U-Clip d).

7. Remove the inner sleeve from Hose 2

Use your hand to pull off the Inner Sleeve.

8. Assemble the Female Coupler

When assembling the Female Coupler, perform steps 3 to 7 in the opposite order:

  1. Put the inner sleeve onto Hose 1.
  2. U-Clip into groove to secure Hose 1.
  3. Put hose 2 into Inner Sleeve.
  4. Pull Outer Sleeve Over Inner Sleeve.
  5. Put Release Clip all the way into grove. Push the clip below the two snap Hooks a).