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Step by step guide

Easy: Replace Wheel

Safety first! To prevent any accidents, ensure that your pressure washer is turned off and unplugged from its power source

Learn how to easily replace a wheel on your Easy pressure washer with this step-by-step guide. All you need are Torx 25 and one flathead screwdriver or similar tools.

1. Overview of components

a) Screw (Torx T25) (95-100-294)

b) Easy Wheel axle (95-100-853)

c) Easy Wheel (95-100-854)

d) Easy Wheel cap (95-100-852)

2. Loosen Wheel

a) Remove 1 scerw (torx-25).

b) Pull out the wheel assembly.

3. Remove Wheel Cap

a) Use a screwdriver or similar to push inn on to three snap hooks.

b) Use a screwdriver or your hands to tilt out the Wheel Cap and pull it off.

4. Remove and install the Wheel Axle

a) Push and pull the Axle out of the wheel.

b) Push the axle onto the wheel.

5. Install the Wheel Cap

Place the five locking hooks into their belonging groves and press down the Wheel Cap until it clicks in place.

6. Install Wheel

a) Put the Wheel assembly all the way into the hole.b)Secure the Wheel assembly with one screw (torx-25) into the Axle.