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Do you have questions about water filters?

Why do you need a water filter?

The filter is designed to prevent dirt and particles from entering the machine and causing damage.

Particles from the water are a common cause of reduced lifespan and malfunctions.

Is there a leak from the water filter?

It may be due to a defective o-ring, (11.8 x 2.65 mm) (1), which is a standard water connection o-ring. It can be purchased at most garden centers and hardware stores.


It needs to be replaced.

The reasons for water filter cracks can be cold temperatures, use of non-return valve/aquastop (3) on the water connection (2), and manufacturing defects

Need a new water filter?

Can be purchased in our online store, or at one of our dealers.


The filter consists of a filter housing and an insert.

Dismantle the water filter, clean it. This should be done regularly, when you see that it is dirty, and always when you perform a service on the machine.