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Durable and Flexible High-Pressure Hoses

At AVA, we are dedicated to providing a first-class washing experience, and our market research has offered us valuable insights: Consumers are frustrated with high-pressure hoses that tangle, kink, and constantly roll back into an uncontrollable mess. Hoses that do not withstand kinking easily develop holes, which is even more aggravating.

Armed with this knowledge, we aim to offer hoses that are easy to handle. Although we provide user-friendly hoses, accidents can happen, and we at AVA are always receptive to customer feedback and make improvements where necessary.

AVA steel-reinforced hoses are rubber-coated and lay flat on the ground, making them easy to work with. These hoses have a rubberized protection that wears over time, and if cracks from frost or external wear expose the braided steel wires, this steel can rust and lead to leaks. Therefore, a steel-reinforced rubber hose is not infallible but is designed to be comfortable to use. Professional and industrial hoses often use a more durable external coating, but these can contain substances that are less environmentally friendly than the rubberized version. Our focus is on user-friendliness combined with environmental responsibility.

An advantage of this type of hose is that any damage can be cut away, and the hose can easily be repaired at a service center, slightly shorter but intact and functional.

The AVA Flex hose is softer with a different surface and does not have steel on the inside. These are more resistant to frost and are a good choice if you want to avoid marks from steel-reinforced hoses, which can be the case when washing boats or light-colored outdoor tiles. At low temperatures, they may curl a bit, but far less than traditional high-pressure hoses. We recommend stretching out the hose completely before use.

Since the launch of the first AVA machines, we have heeded feedback:

It was cumbersome to change the hose.

This has been resolved by producing hoses that are identical at both ends, along with a conversion kit for the drum. Our new coupling makes it easy to attach and detach the hose, and it can be used from both sides to distribute wear evenly, as it often wears out a few meters from the pistol grip.

This improvement has been standard since 2019.