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AVA nozzle system

When you purchase a pressure washer from AVA of Norway, you receive nozzles that cover a wide range of cleaning possibilities, but you might be interested in additional options. Before purchasing extra nozzles or accessories, there are a few factors to consider.

What is a nozzle?

A nozzle is placed on the lance or directly on the pressure washer gun. It is the nozzle that provides the high-pressure water you associate with a pressure washer, but there are many variations of nozzles:including fixed, variable, and rotating nozzles, among others.

Fixed Nozzles

Turbo Nozzle

Vario Nozzle

What should I be aware of before purchasing nozzles and accessories?

Bayonet Connection:

Different suppliers have different quick couplings for nozzles and accessories. You must ensure that you purchase the nozzle that fits your pressure washer. In some cases, nozzles from different suppliers may be compatible with each other, or you can use an adapter. (Example: Kärcher accessories and nozzles fit AVA's lances and guns. Some exceptions may apply to older models.)

Nozzle Opening:

If you choose a nozzle that is not tailored to your pressure washer, it can create challenges. If you have a nozzle that is too small, the machine will work too hard, potentially causing overheating and potentially reducing the motor/pump unit's lifespan.

Conversely, if the nozzle is too large relative to the pump's power, you may lose a significant portion of the pressure. This has no practical significance beyond potentially taking longer to complete a job, and you may not even notice it.


It is also important to ensure that you keep the nozzles free from dirt and debris. If a grain of sand or other debris enters the nozzle opening, it can lead to a clogged nozzle, and the machine will hunt. You will encounter the same problem as when you have a nozzle that is too small. You can use a thin needle or something similar to clean the nozzle opening.

Our nozzles in detail:

AVA has a system that describes the pump size's power with designations ranging from P30 to P90. We offer a wide range of pressure washers to suit your cleaning needs. Two pressure washers may appear identical on the outside, but there may be differences internally. For example, Master P60 and Master P80 may look the same but have different pressure and water flow rates. This leads to different nozzles tailored to the pressure and water flow. In another case, a Smart P60 and a Master P60 may have the same capacity and therefore use the same nozzle.

From the beginning, we were keen on labeling nozzles and accessories with what they are compatible with:

After several years of experience, we have seen that many (including us) may not easily distinguish between green and blue, and sometimes good daylight is required to tell the difference. As an improvement, we have introduced a more visible labeling system since 2021, like this:

So, the tip of the bayonet itself becomes the color code, and the "neck" of the bayonet is also marked with text. We hope this makes it easier for you as a customer in the future, both to make the right purchase and to avoid mixing between different models or old and new machines.

Our nozzles sold separately are marked with one of these colors:

Green-labeled nozzles are designed for P30 through P60

Blue-labeled nozzles are designed for P70 through P80

Purple-labeled nozzles are designed for P90

Additionally, some may have white or red markings, indicating that the nozzle is supplied with a P30 or P40 pressure washer and not sold separately.

Each of our fixed nozzles is marked on the tip with a color and a symbol indicating the angle of each individual nozzle. It looks like this:

60 degrees: blue

40 degrees: white

25 degrees: green

15 degrees: yellow

0 degrees: red

Patio cleaners and some other products currently only available for P30-P80.

We have loose nozzles for the P90, and terrace washers also come with loose nozzles, so that you can continue to use it even if you have had a smaller machine before.