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Step by step guide

AVA Bayonet Interface: Replace O-ring

Learn how to easily replace an O-ring (1) and an O-ring fixer (2) in the Bayonet interface (3) on your AVA product with this step-by-step guide.

All you need is one narrow and one wide flathead screwdriver, or similar tools.

Safety first! To prevent any accidents, ensure that your product is disconnected from your pressure washer.

AVA's bayonet coupling is used on most AVA products that connect to an AVA high-pressure washer.

Replace the O-ring in Bayonet

a) Use a wide flathead screwdriver or similar tool to turn the O-ring Fixer to the left (counterclockwise) until it stops.

b) Use a narrow flathead screwdriver or similar tool to tilt the O-ring Fixer out of the bayonet.

c) Pull out the O-ring Fixer (Green 95-100-813 P30-P60 ) and the o-ring 8*1.8 NBR 90: (95-100-425).  

d) Replace the damaged O-ring/O-ring fixer and assemble them in the bayonet: First, position the O-ring in the O-ring groove. Press the O-ring fixer into place and secure the fixer by turning it to the right (clockwise) until it stops.