At AVA of Norway we're striving to create products that lasts as long as possible. That's why we give our customers an extended warranty of up to 20 years without expensive service agreements. For the models AVA GO, V6, Easy and Smart the warranty applies up to 10 years, for AVA Master and Evolution a full 20 years warranty applies.
AVA Warranty English
AVA Warranty English


The consumer guarantee means that our products have been developed to be repairable and that you as a consumer can choose to maintain and repair the machine yourself and thus benefit from our consumer guarantee. It should be easy to take care of an AVA product. We believe that you as a customer should be rewarded for the work you put into maintenance with an extended warranty.

For us, environmentally friendly design, the customer's right to maintenance, long product life, the ability to repair, reuse, and a circular economy are more than just words. AVA of Norway is a member of Right to Repair Europe and works continuously for improvements to extend the life cycle of all AVA products. By arranging for you, or you get help, to carry out the necessary maintenance safely and efficiently without unnecessary costs, we have made several films that show how to maintain your pressure washer.

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1. Register your AVA pressure washer within 6 months from the date of purchase.
2. Carry out service if necessary - at least every 5 years.
3. Register the performed service to extend the warranty by 5 years.