The AVA Vario Nozzle is a customer favorite. With the ability to switch between a 20° and a 60° spray with simple a twisting motion, it covers most everyday situations. It is perfect when you are cleaning a variety of surfaces that require different pressures. The two nozzles can also be combined to produce a low-pressure spray. We have opted for a system that utilizes two different fixed nozzles to reduce the loss of efficiency. The Vario Nozzle lets you switch between a 20° spread and a 60° spread with just a twist of the grip. While multi-nozzles already exist in the market, the AVA Vario is unique in that it doesn’t lose efficiency with multiple nozzles inside. In addition, it is easy to operate while cleaning. It is perfect when you are cleaning different surfaces requiring different treatment in the same area. The two nozzles can also be used simultaneously to produce a low-pressure spray. This combination is recommended for rinsing the AVA Pearl Wax off the car.

AVA Color Codes

All AVA nozzles and accessories follow specific color codes that show which AVA models they fit. The color codes should help so that you as a user get the most out of your high pressure washer, and so the job is as efficient as possible.

Dysestørrelse grønn blå

On the image above you see that the tip of the bayonet is Green, this means that these nozzles are made for P30 up to and including P60 models. Blue color indicates that the nozzle is made for P70 - P80. Purple means that the nozzle fits P90 Models.

In addition to the color codes, it is also written which models the machine is compatible with in the neck of the nozzle so that there should be no doubt!

Dysefarge gammel

All fixed nozzles from AVA have their own colors and imprints that clearly show the degree to which the jet on the selected nozzle has. Previously, we marked the nozzles with a small dot in the mentioned colors as shown below.

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All AVA nozzles have a bayonet system which makes switching between them effortless. Thank you for choosing AVA. Happy cleaning!


Product number: 11-120-120 (AVA P30 - P60)

Product number: 11-120-119 (AVA P70 - P80)

Product number: 11-120-149 (AVA P90)

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Vario Nozzle 01
Vario Nozzle 02
Vario Nozzle 03