The AVA 40° Nozzle has an efficient, yet gentle spray pattern. You would use this nozzle for your car and other areas that require gentle cleaning. Although highly efficient, most surfaces can handle the 40° Nozzle. The quality of the nozzle has been optimized to make the water spread in an even spray, preventing water atomization.

40 Nozzle 02

All AVA nozzles have a bayonet system which makes switching between them effortless. Thank you for choosing AVA. Happy cleaning!


Product number: 11-120-123 (Fits AVA P30 - P60)

Product number: 11-120-128 (Fits AVA P70 - P80)

Product number: 11-120-146 (Fits AVA P90)

40 Nozzle 03
40 Nozzle 01