The 0° Nozzle is ideal for cutting through soft soil. The nozzle has been optimized so the water jet travels further before atomization occurs. It is perfect when you want to lay down cables or pipes in your lawn topsoil or want to remove dirt between pavement stones. Using the right nozzle for these kinds of jobs is crucial if you want to finish the work as quickly as possible. It is very powerful at close range, so if you need to remove chewing gum or similar materials from the ground, this is your tool.

It is highly recommended to try out this nozzle before starting on a larger job. Also take extreme care when using this nozzle and always wear the appropriate protection gear.

All AVA nozzles have a bayonet system which makes switching between them effortless. Thank you for choosing AVA. Happy cleaning!


Product number: 11-120-114 (Fits AVA P30 - P60)

Product number: 11-120-125 (Fits AVA P70 - P80)

Product number: 11-120-150 (Fits AVA P90)

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