The AVA Flexilance opens a range of opportunities when it comes to pressure washing. While standing in a comfortable position, you can clean the roof of your car, underneath it, and even inside the wheel wells.

The length and functions help to always give you an ergonomic working position. The solid grip is easy to use and makes you able to move the spread back and forth without changing position.

The handle on the side can be detached from one side of the lance and attached to the other, which makes it easy to switch from cleaning on top of a vehicle to underneath it, thereby holding the equipment upwards and then downwards. It can also be locked into the working position you would like. When the high pressure is on, it carries the weight of the lance for you.

Flexi Lance 01
Flexi Lance 02
AVA Flexi Lance

The Flexilance is unique, because it is compatible with all AVA equipment. The bayonet system makes it easy to change between nozzles and other equipment. The AVA Flexilance is compatible with all AVA pressure cleaners. Thank you for choosing AVA. Happy cleaning!


Product number: 11-110-112

Flexi Lance Adjustable
Flexi Lance Adjustable Tip
Flexi Lance Lock