Steel Reinforced Pressure Hose 01
Fiber Reinforced Pressure Hose 01
Self Priming Hose 03

Steel Reinforced Hose

Our steel reinforced pressure hoses can be used to extend the reach of all AVA pressure washers. Professional quality and high-grade rubber ensures high flexibility and a long lifetime.


Fiber Reinforced Pressure Hose

The fiber reinforced extension hose is the cost-efficient way to extend the reach of your AVA pressure washer. This hose is strong and durable but lacks the flexibility of the more expensive steel reinforced hose.


Self Priming Hose

This hose makes it possible for your AVA to utilize water from any body of water. All AVA pressure washers are self-priming, meaning they dont require any outside force to bring water into the machine.


Pipe Cleaning Hose

This type of hose is designed to open up and remove debris from drain pipes. The three-point high efficiency rotary nozzle actually propels through the pipe and at the same time cleans away debris.