The AVA Microfiber Mop with waterflow is compatible with all AVA high-pressure washers. It is perfect for fragile surfaces, such as cars and windows. The waterflow makes the mop glide easily over the surface, getting rid of grime and dirt, resulting in less risk of scratches. Three different options of interchangeable microfiber pads exist in AVAs selection. The Dual-Action for tough grime, the Gentle for fine clean and finish and the Universal for general cleaning.

Microfiber Mop 01
Microfiber Mop 02
Microfiber Mop 03

The Universal microfiber pad is included with the AVA Microfiber Mop. The Mop can be combined with AVA Zoom Lance, a shorter lance or directly on the pressure gun to create the perfect ergonomic working position for your cleaning task. Thank you for choosing AVA. Happy cleaning!


Product number: 11-110-304