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Last updated 21.03.2024

Consumer Warranty

We at AVA of Norway are passionate about our products and want them to last for as long as possible.

Less waste and more focus on the maintenance of solid products is simply a good environmental measure.

We constantly strive to improve on Environmentally Friendly Design. Together with the Customer's Right to Maintenance, & Right to Repair this results in reduced maintenance costs and an extended Consumer Guarantee. A manufacturer and a customer working together to take care of a product is a dream team.

AVA of Norway is a member of Right to Repair Europe and works continuously to improve the environmentally friendly properties and extend the life-cycle of all AVA products. For us, Environmentally Friendly Design, the Right to Maintenance & Repair, long product life, repairability, reuse, and circular economy are more than just words. They are part of the product philosophy that we strive for every day.

With Environmentally Friendly Design and the Customer's Right to Maintenance, Ava of Norway grants you as a customer an extended Consumer Guarantee of up to 10 years without costly service agreements. This means that the product is designed to be repairable and that you as a consumer can choose to maintain and repair the machine yourself and thus benefit from our Consumer Guarantee. Taking care of an AVA product should be easy, and we believe that you as a customer should be rewarded for the effort you put into maintenance.

To facilitate the fact that you, or a handyperson/repairer, can perform necessary maintenance safely and easily without unnecessary cost, we have created simple information that you can find on our website. Everything is thus set for your AVA products to last as long as possible.

AVA of Norway is confident that our customers will appreciate trouble-free maintenance that results in less waste. Together, we contribute to reduced costs and a more sustainable development. By exercising your right to maintain your own product, we can offer an extended consumer guarantee.

The following conditions of AVA of Norway's Consumer Warranty apply:

  1. In accordance with these conditions, AVA of Norway repairs, free of charge, defects in the product's electric motor, capacitor, electric switch, cabling, microswitch, plastic chassis parts (such as wheels, rear, and front cover, as well as hose reel components), and defects on the water inlet/outlet swivels (with the exception of the O-rings).

    The following are covered in the pump:

    Products with a 10-year guarantee – Pump head, excluding the microswitch piston, and other wear and tear parts.

    Valve body, but not the high-pressure valves or seals.
    Piston housing with pistons, seals, support rings piston springs, and pistons.
    Power transmission to pistons including thrust bearings.
    More info is available at www.avaofnorway.com/us/information/warranty.

    Provided we are notified of such defects within a reasonable time after the consumer discovered or should have discovered the defect, and at the latest within a maximum of 10 years for the AVA Go, AVA Smart, AVA Easy, and AVA V6, or 20 years for the AVA Master, AVA Master 2.0, AVA Master 2.0 and AVA Evolution, after the documented purchase date (each period a "Guarantee Period"). For the notification of defects, please see paragraph 4 below.

  2. This Consumer Guarantee is conditional on (a) that the consumer registers the purchase on www.avaofnorway.com/us/information/warranty no later than 6 months after the date of purchase, (b) that the product is purchased from an authorized AVA of Norway retailer, and or dealer, and used in accordance with the instructions provided by AVA of Norway, (c) that the product has been maintained at least every five years and in line with instructions for maintenance and purchase of the Warranty Kit as shown on www.avaofnorway.com/us/information/warranty (Customer's Right to Maintenance), and (d) that each completed maintenance is registered and documented at avaofnorway.com/service no later than 6 weeks after completion. Applicable to the Customer's Right to Maintenance is that the customer shall follow all applicable local rules, regulations, and guidelines, i.a. for electrical works.

  3. Repairs under this Consumer Guarantee are to be undertaken either by AVA of Norway, at its own discretion, repairing or replacing a defective component, or by the consumer doing the same in agreement with AVA of Norway. This Consumer Guarantee represents the full terms of an extended product guarantee from AVA of Norway. AVA of Norway shall have no liability for any claims arising from any defect in an AVA product upon the expiry of the relevant Guarantee Period.

  4. This Consumer Guarantee does not affect the customer's statutory rights as a consumer. This Consumer Guarantee is a manufacturer's guarantee from AVA of Norway, which applies in addition to the consumer's rights under the Consumer Rights Act and other mandatory legislation, as may be amended from time to time. Claims under the Consumer Guarantee can therefore only be submitted directly to AVA of Norway. Please submit all claims via www.avaofnorway.com/us/information/customer-support.

  5. This Consumer Guarantee does not apply to faults, damages and deficiencies caused by or arising from (i) transport damage or other external factors which are beyond the control of AVA of Norway, including irregular environmental conditions or influences, (ii) frost or humidity, including storage in particularly humid environments other than that occurring whilst the product is in the custody of AVA of Norway, (iii) improper installation, or maintenance which is not carried out in accordance with the maintenance instructions as shown on www.avaofnorway.com/us/information/warranty ("Non-compliant Maintenance"), (iv) improper or unusual use of the product, (v) O-rings in general and wear & tear parts in the pump’s valve housing and pump top, such as valves and seals, (vi) use beyond the EU’s definition of normally high household use (European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Rodríguez-Quintero, R., Paraskevas, D., Viegand, J., et al., Preparatory study of ecodesign and energy labelling measures for high pressure cleaners, Publications Office, 2020, https://data.europa.eu/doi/10.2760/25603 s. 74), or (vii) color changes, bleaching, and damage caused by impact or rough handling.

    This Consumer Guarantee will not apply and is void in the event of a lack of or Non-compliant Maintenance, and/or if the product is used in a non-consumer context i.e. in the course of a business. In order for this Consumer Guarantee to apply, the identification plate on the product must be complete and legible.

  6. A description of required maintenance, as well as what is excluded from the warranty can be found in more detail at www.avaofnorway.com/us/information/warranty.

  7. The AVA consumer guarantee covers product defects on the high-pressure washer as a unit, not on accessories such as hoses, guns, lances, nozzles, and others, regardless of whether these are purchased together with the machine or purchased separately.

You can read more about our guarantee here:

Warranty registration