Updated 20.07.21
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Form to become a test pilot

If you choose to fill out the form to become a test pilot for AVA of Norway, we will store the data you share with us. The data is used as a basis for selecting test persons based on criteria defined by AVA of Norway. Information such as address and name will be shared with third parties so that we will be able to send you the product.

We use the American online service Typeform to create and maintain the Test Pilot forms. Typeform’s privacy policy can be found here (https://admin.typeform.com/to/dwk6gt/).

If you sign up as a test pilot:

By registering as a test pilot, you agree to the following:

* You confirm that you are over 18 years old. If you are not over 18, you can not become a test pilot for AVA OF NORWAY.

* You promise to give us feedback on the product you are testing in the form of a test report that we will send out during the test period. If you for some reason cannot answer some or all of the questions you must contact us on post@avaofnorway.com so that we can find a solution.

* You give us the right to publish what you send us of photos, video, and text on AVA of Norway's websites. AVA of Norway can also use your contributions for marketing purposes without you being compensated for it. If you wish that your images should be edited (anonymized) or not shared please contact us at post@avaofnorway.com so that we can find a solution together.

* You promise to be honest in your product feedback; both positive and negative. We at AVA of Norway appreciate customer feedback and use this to design better products. Therefore, it is important for us that you as a test pilot are completely honest, no matter how harsh the truth may be.

* What you send us of text, images, audio, and video is not protected by the copyright of others, and you have secured the necessary consents if, for example, you send us a picture that displays other people than yourself. Please contact us if the consent changes so that we can find the best solution for you.

* AVA OF NORWAY can at any time edit or change the contributions you send us, for example by simplifying the language of a text, editing a video clip, or using an image in a larger collage. We will not use photo editing software to change the appearance of people. We may simplify your text comments, but we will not edit it so that it does not reflect the truth.

* AVA OF NORWAY is in no way obliged to publish the content you send us.

* Receiving marketing emails from AVA of Norway. You can of course unsubscribe to this later.

Use of the website

When you use the Testpilot website, we use the following third-party solutions:

* Typeform - used to create forms and manage data from these forms.

* Google Analytics - used to log user activity on the pages so that we have an overview of how many people see which page, what is clicked on, etc. Google Analytics also saves cookies in your browser. These can safely be removed by you in your browser settings.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at post@avaofnorway.com, and we will answer as soon as possible.

AVA of Norway email list:

If you sign up for our email list to be notified when the next test pilot round is launched, you may also get notified by email when new products are available, sales or when we have certain products back in stock, we will store the data you share with us (name, email, age*) in our database. The information will only be shared with the American service Mailchimp, which we use to send out e-mails. Mailchimp’s privacy policy can be found here: http://mailchimp.com/legal/

From time to time we may send out e-mails about new test products based on the information you have given us earlier. For example, if we have a product that we want a specific group's opinion about. In these cases, we will write in the email why we have chosen to send this to you.

At the bottom of the emails, you’ll find a ‘unsubscribe’ link that will allow you to stop receiving these emails from us. Alternatively, you can contact us at support@avaofnorway.com

You can unsubscribe from the e-mail list at any time, whereupon your data will also be deleted from this database.

*if you do not wish to share your age, leave the area blank in the form