AVA V6 P90

The V6, as the name implies, has 6-piston metal pump. 6 pistons working in harmony ensures very long service life, low noise, high water flow and excellent efficiency.

V6 P90 01
V6 P90 03
V6 P90 02

The most powerful AVA product yet! The V6 P90 is made for the car enthusiast and the quality-conscious handyman. The high flow 6-cylinder metal pump is perfect match for a fixed installation due to its low noise and vibration. The tubular frame protects both the pump and motor during transport and keeps the whole package very compact! It has on-board storage for most included equipment. This machine comes with a wall mount and a 15 meters steel reinforced pressure hose.


Bar is a measurement for how high the pressure is when the water is leaving the nozzle, the "velocity" of the water. Liters per hour to show much water goes though the pressure washer each hour, the amount or "mass" of water that is leaving the nozzle. Watt is the amount of electrical energy used by the motor and pump.

Bar is what separates the dirt and grime from the surface, and waterflow is what removes it from the area you are washing. AVA has worked to find the perfect combination of these two characteristics for each of our machines.


160 bar (MAX)


650 liters per hour


3300 Watt