“Your solid workmate – power at your fingertips”

From the moment you lay your hand on the Evolution, you will feel the solidness of the pressure washer. It is steady. All parts have been solid made, no worries about parts breaking during use. And you will discover the power of our V4 and V6 pumps, and the raw, yet smooth impact during the removal of dirt and grime – even on fragile surfaces. When you combine the pressure washer with the gun/lance/wide nozzle accessories you will experience the new washing experience which we love to talk about.

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Evo bryggen
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The Evolution series is designed with a focus on user-friendliness. The Evolution P60 pressure washer has a long-lasting 4-cylinder metal pump for durability and performance. It is stable due to its front support, low center of gravity, and our “follow me” hose reel. The P60 is a large pressure washer and therefore equipped with big, sturdy wheels and a handle in front for carrying.

Evolution P60 test winner Tek.no


  • Fits up to 20m hose on the included hose reel.
  • Cable reel for the electric cable
  • Toolholder and table on the handle
  • Stabile holder for the foam cannon
  • Even more solid construction
  • The wheels roll easier due to the axel mount.
  • V4 & V6 pumps – Longlife & silent.
  • Introduced with a 20-year consumer warranty.

We believe you also will appreciate:

  • Steel reinforced hose - avoids breaks and bends
  • Low noise level
  • Easy rest for the zoom lance
  • Short zero-force gun
  • Short nozzles
  • Use wide-spread nozzles directly into the gun or lance – your decision.
  • A wide range of optional accessories will make most outdoor washing operations finish like a dream.
  • Twister bayonet system – change accessories simple and efficient with a ¼ twist.
  • Locknut on guns and lances – for increased stability and quality feel.

Please do not hesitate to have a look at some of our videos showing how to easily make your patio, roof, or car shine like new.

Cleaning with AVA provides the possibility to finish at halftime. Learn how to clean carefully and efficiently by using the 1-2-3 method.

Taking care of your property is taking care of our planet. Please use some extra minutes now and then to ensure that the product will keep lasting. Everything breaks someday. But with Ava, we trust you to do the small repairs and services – if you prefer – by offering “no-profit spare parts” and instructional videos showing how to repair or take service on your pressure washer. And one more good news: You do not lose your 20-year consumer warranty even though you do a repair by yourself.

AVA Evolution on Bryggen in Bergen

How to choose between the P60, P70, P80, and P90?

The higher the p-number, the faster you will clean. Do not worry that any AVA pressure washer will destroy your car paint or wooden panels on your patio. It's always about using the wide nozzles.

Learn more about the AVA 1-2-3 method here.

1. What’s the ideal power consumption at your home?

  • P60 = 2100 watt (10A slow fuse)
  • P70 = 2400 watt (13A slow fuse)
  • P80 = 2800 watt (13A slow fuse, no other electrical apparatus must be used at the same time. We recommend 16A slow fuse for problem-free use)
  • P90 = 3300 watt (16A slow fuse)

Do you also use to move your pressure washer to other locations, like your summerhouse, garage, etc? Please remember that you need access to the same power at all locations

2. How much would you like to spend? Like most electrical apparatuses buying “a bigger one” will be an investment in time.

  • If you have had a pressure washer in the past which delivered at your scope, consider keeping the same or higher power for your new one.
  • It's not about how often you use the pressure washer, it's about the length of the different cleaning sessions that should decide the motor/pump size. Cleaning 10 sqm every day will use almost the same time whether you have a P90 (3300w) or a P60 (2100w). But cleaning 300 sqm once a month might use less than half time using a P90 compared to a P60.


Bar is a measurement of how high the pressure is when the water is leaving the nozzle, the "velocity" of the water. Liters per hour to show much water goes through the pressure washer each hour, and the amount of "mass" of water that is leaving the nozzle. Watt is the amount of electrical energy used by the motor and pump.

Bar is what separates the dirt and grime from the surface, and water flow is what removes it from the area you are washing. AVA has worked to find the perfect combination of these two characteristics for each of our machines.


145 bar (MAX)


500 liters per hour (max)


2100 Watt



Weight without accessories

22,1 Kg

Master series

Master models

Choose your bundle between Medium or Large

AVA pressure washers are bundled with different accessory combinations. For the Evolution, you may choose between Medium and Large bundles. See the table for an overview of included accessories.


Vario Nozzle – combo of 20 & 60 degrees | AVA of Norway
Turbo Nozzle
Zoom Lance
Water Filter


Vario Nozzle – combo of 20 & 60 degrees | AVA of Norway
Turbo Nozzle
Zoom Lance
Water Filter