Evolution Series

This machine has a long lasting 4 & 6-cylinder metal pump for durability and performance, low center of gravity and our “follow me” hose reel with space for 20m hose.

Evo bryggen
Evo vask bakgrunn
Evo fløyen
Evo test

Meet the Evolutions

Learn all you need to know about our first pressure washer. the AVA EVOLUTION SERIES


Master Series

We pride ourselves on the Master series’ userfriendliness, efficiency and design. The AVA Master P60 is our most powerful machine for 10 ampere fuse, our P70 can take on almost any cleaning task and P80 is the pressure washer for the hardest tasks.

Tilt master
P60 pricerunner
Master with furniture brush
Master Front 02 5 MB

Meet the Masters

Learn all you need to know about our first pressure washer. the AVA MASTER SERIES


Smart Series

The AVA Smart series boasts several of the successful features of its big brother, the Master series, but in a more compact form factor. It has a metal pump for reliable and long-lasting operation, a tip-resistant design and a steel reinforced hose, all features one would normally see on machines with a higher price tag.

AVA Smart Tilt resistant
AVA Smart model with a coffee cup
Forside Smart Emballasje 18 11 19 MG 5595 liten
Smart P60 Side 01

Meet the Smart Ones

Be SMART and learn all about the AVA SMART SERIES

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GO Series

AVA GO is a series of ultra-compact and low weight pressure cleaners. The GO is perfect for those occasional cleaning tasks or when you have limited storage space. Despite its low price and compact design - you still get a selection of unique AVA features and access to the whole range of AVA equipment.

Cleaning boat with AVA GO, Zoom Lance and Vario Nozzle
Cleaning wooden pier with AVA GO and Vario Nozzle
AVA GO carried with accessories attached
Go P40 M 02

Meet the Portable

Out most portable pressure washer and smart cleaning station - packed with power. Learn all you need to know about the AVA GO SERIES

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V6 series

This is the pressure washer for the quality conscious, whether you intend to haul it around in the trunk of your car with all your tools or as a stationary machine in your garage. The V6 is delivered with a wall mount. The V6 is perfect for the largest and toughest jobs.

V6 water
Pump 5mb
V6 gravemaskin

Meet the Tough Ones

Raw & stationary power, meet the AVA V6 SERIES

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