20-year consumer guarantee. Is it actually possible?

Yes, absolutely. Our first thought was that we cannot continue with the buy-use-dispose pattern customers have become used to doing. The EU has determined that repairs and service on pressure washers in the consumer market is not profitable, and that the lifetime of pressure washers is too short.

AVA is changing this with low prices on spare parts and do it yourself repair guides. AVA sees maintenance and service as a natural part of owning a pressure washer, just as it is with owning a lawn mower or chain saw.

This on its own already will make a huge impact on the lifetime of pressure washers, and when you add in the ability to swap out worn out parts the only thing left is to ensure the quality of components is of the highest quality. We have worked on this for many years now.

Examples of this:

The motor in an AVA Master is rated to work for 5000 hours. The EUs new requirement from 2025 is that a pressure washers’ minimum lifespan is 90 hours. If an AVA motor is used 90 hours a year, it would take roughly 55 years before the motor reaches is rated lifespan.

The main switch on an AVA Evolution is tested and rated by TÜV SÜD to handle at least 10,000 on-off presses. We think that if the main switch does not last for twenty years, or the machine has been turned off and on 10,000 times, the consumer probably deserves to get a new one!

What is covered by the consumer guarantee?

The guarantee covers the cost of parts and labor if, for example, your pressure washers motor, power transmission, or electrical components fail. You can think of it as coverage over all the things not covered via the service kits, where worn down parts such as valves and seals are replaced.

What is not covered by the consumer guarantee?

The pumps worn down parts are included in the service kits and are not covered. Accessories, for example hoses, pressure pistol, and nozzles are parts that wear down over time and are used up during use. If a nozzle has reached the end of its expected lifespan, it is not covered.

Why are accessories not covered?

Accessories are separate components and are experience varied use and handling. Our experience is that the majority of cases of faulty accessories are caused by user damage or frost. We do have 3 exceptions.

  1. Steel reinforced hoses, which are designed to handle heavy usage.
  2. Our pistol triggers (NOT the pipe inside), which are tested and rated for 50,000 presses.
  3. Lances and nozzles experience wear and tear ion many different places. Most of these issues are covered via our AVA first aid kit, while we suggest that nozzles are replaced regularly. The expected lifetime of a nozzle is around 100 hours.

Is frost related damaged covered?

All pumps can be damaged by frost. If a pressure washer has been damaged due to frost you can replace the pump yourself, and in the majority of cases the price for a replacement part costs less than 30 Euro. The trigger on our pistols is often the most common place frost related damage happens. Therefor we have made it easy and affordable, only 3 Euro, to swap the pipe inside of the pistol that cracks due to frost. No frost related damaged is covered.

What is meant by spare parts sold “non-profit”?

The EU says that it’s not affordable to repair a consumer level pressure washer. We want to change that by offering spare parts at a price equal to that we pay to manufacture the part. Our price covers the production price, transport, and storage along with taxes and other fees. We do not turn a profit on spare parts, but we do not lose money either.

What happens with my 20-year guarantee in the event AVA goes bankrupt?

We think that it’s impossible for the company with the smartest solutions and longest guarantee would go bankrupt. The question is still of course valid, and the answer is as follows:

You lose the benefits of our guarantee beyond that included in the Consumer Purchase Act. Many spare parts can still be found as they are used by others in the pressure washer industry. Just like in the automobile industry, many parts are generic are used by different companies and models. What price these other companies deiced to offer parts at is beyond the control of AVA. At the end of it all, you will still have a pressure washer that will last many years.

Do all machines have a 20-year guarantee?

The largest and most solid machines have a 20-year guarantee. We have built these machines with quality and lifetime regardless of the price it costs. Other pressure washers we offer have been built with the price more in mind, which of course means a potentially shorter lifetime.

20-year guarantee: AVA Master and AVA Evolution

10-year guarantee: AVA Go, AVA Smart, and AVA V6

Is there a fine print that covers this in more detail?

Yes, you can read the terms and conditions here

Is this just some marketing hocus-pocus?

We at AVA have always been concerned with having solid components that give the best products on the market. This is something we will continue to do. We are certain that we will continue to develop quality products, and via our new consumer guarantee you can be sure that you are making a good choice by choosing us.

Would you call this an environmentally friendly measure?

We want to be careful with calling ourselves environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, it’s very important for us to deliver products that have a positive effect on the environment. Increasing the lifetime of our products is one measure that is positive for the environment. Another thing is that our pumps are made of recycled aluminum, and that our pressure washers are more efficient, saving electricity. Via the 20-year consumer guarantee the consumer is making an ethical, conscious and informed choice.

About warranty / complaints in Norway:

What is normally offered by a guarantee?

In the private sector Norway has a law that states you as the consumer has the right to a two-year warranty and 5 years to come with a complaint.

What is the difference between a warranty and a complaint?

Complaints are statutory rights you have towards the Manufacturer / point of sale in the event of errors or defects. These will typically be production defects that only appear after some time of use.

A guarantee will give you better rights than those you have according to the statutory complaint rules. This may, for example, be that you are covered for replacement of components beyond the complaint period of 5 years.

To you as a customer:

Where can I buy service kits each 5 years?

AVA offers our service kits via our website, and will ensure they are available in each country we operate in. Via the same website you can find replacement parts sold at non-profit prices.

Can AVA do the repairs and service for me?

Yes. AVA can perform the service and repair via an 3rd party repair partner if you prefer that. Contact customer service for further details.

When do I have to register my product to gain the benefits of the extended consumer guarantee?

From the day you purchase you have 6 months to register your purchase. Registration can be done via AVAofnorway.com/garanti

Do I automatically get 20 years of coverage?

You get 10 or 20 years of coverage via registration within 6 months, and you must follow the recommended service requirements.

The requirement from ava is at least once each 5 years. You can register your service via our website, and just as you would with your car, it is important to keep track of this documentation. The maximum coverage is 10 years on the GO, V6 and Smart series, and 20 on the Master and Evolution series.

Why is service so important?

AVAs frequency of service is 5 years, assuming the use of fresh, soft water. The seals and valves have a lot to say when it comes to the performance of the pump, and these can wear down from salt water. In addition, we know that hard water in along with to other particles in the water can prevent the values from preforming optimally.

With a large number of particles in the water you can experience that the need for service comes earlier. Symptoms of this often are different noises when compared to previous usage and reduced pressure.

What is my responsibility?

Register your product within 6 months via avaofnorway.com/garanti. You must perform service when required, at least once each 5 years. You must register your service via our website.

What if I have already purchased a pressure washer?

The first machines we produced were not created with the idea of a 20-year guarantee. The guarantee was established on the 15th of march, 2021, and applies retroactively on all purchases from 01.012021. We expect many of our older machines to last very long.

What to do if your machine has a problem:

Where can I deliver my machine?

Within the first 2 years can you contact us directly or deliver it to the same place you purchased it. After two years we recommend you contact us directly. We ask that you fill out our troubleshooting sheet before you deliver your machine to where you purchased it.

Where can I get help today?

AVA has established a repair shop in each country we operate in. We want that anyone can repair an AVA, both those that are interested in fixing their own machine, and those who like to tinker and repair things for friends and family.

How do I find out if my problem is or is not covered?

Our website has a troubleshooting guide to help you find the answer.

Who should I contact in the event of a problem?

Customer service can be contacted on telephone 55 38 00 35 or email post@avaofnorway.com

How do I know what parts I need?

For help and information, visit avaofnorway.com/support

How long does it take to get the parts I need?

We ship immediately, and normally the parts arrive within a few days. During early spring it can take some extra time.