How to wash your Patio with AVAs 1-2-3 Method:

Halve your work – Double your Satisfaction

Anyone who has tried to wash their patio or decking with a garden hose and brush knows how long the job can take. Stubborn dirt can take a whole day to remove, more if it’s built up over the years. The old fashioned method of a broom, bucket and soap is tough work, especially if you’ve got a large area to cover. A pressure washer can cut the time in half, if not more.

We’ve has developed an easy and effective way to bring back to shine to your patio. Keep reading to how to save time with our 1-2-3 method:

Before and After
Does your patio or decking need a proper cleaning?

What do I need?

When it comes to cleaning a patio, a patio cleaner is a must. You’ll also want a way to apply detergent, and a pressure washer. For this guide we are going to be using the AVA Master P60 pressure washer, its included foam cannon, and our Premium Patio Cleaner. This guide can be used with other pressure washer brands as well.

Step zero: Prepare the area

Before you start with your pressure washer, make sure you have cleared your patio of any furniture, loose debris like leaves, and other obstructions. We recommend patio cleaning on an overcast day, as direct sunlight risks your soap drying faster and leaving marks.

Step one: Foam first

The common concern of using a pressure washer is that balance between too much and too little pressure. You want to remove all the dirt and grime, but you do not want to damage the surface. We always recommend, no matter the project, we cover the surface in foamy detergent first. This loosens dirt from your patio, thus reducing the pressure needed. There are different detergents for stone, wood, or other types of surfaces.

Foaming a surface AVA 1-2-3
Always foam, but be sure to not let it dry out!

Make sure you choose one for your patios material and follow the instructions when diluting and mixing. Add the mix to your foam cannon or pressure washer and apply. We suggest you use the lowest application setting to start, as you don’t want to run out halfway or waste detergent.

While a thick layer of soap foam makes for a great photo, a thin layer that just covers the surface works just as well. Once you’ve covered the area in foam, allow it to work for a few minutes. You don’t want to let the soap dry out, so on warmer days keep a close eye. Different detergents need different amounts of time to work, so be sure to follow the instructions supplied with the chemicals

Step two: Wash Wider (with a patio cleaner)

Our foam solution has loosed the dirt, now it is just to wash it all away. We could use a standard nozzle here, but a patio cleaner head is going to save us a lot more time. AVAs Premium patio cleaner has two rotating 40° nozzles on a brass spindle. The two nozzles rotate around the spindle, covering much more ground when compared to a standard nozzle.

Wahsing wider with a Patio Cleaner
Patio Cleaners are a great way to cover more area in less time

40° is a wide spray, meaning its gentle enough for fragile surfaces yet still powerful enough to remove dirt. With your patio cleaner, test first in a more hidden area on the lowest setting of your patio cleaner to see the results. Take a look at your test area, has it given the desired result? If not, many pressure washers have height adjustable nozzles.

Step three: Wash Closer

Take a look at your test area, has it given the desired result? If not, many pressure washers have height adjustable nozzles. Lower the distance between the surface and the nozzles by twisting the knob.

AVA Patio Cleaner on wooden decking
Work slow and methodically. Let the water and soap do the work, there’s no need to scrub

The less air for the water to go though, the more powerful it will be when it reaches the surface you are cleaning. We want to ensure that the patio underneath isn’t damaged, so stray on the conservative side when adjusting “down” the nozzles. The combination of detergent and high pressure should be enough to loosen even the most stubborn of dirt from the patio.

Bonus trick: Get the most out of your patio cleaner

Many patio cleaners come with handles. If your homes façade or garage doors need cleaning, get the patio cleaner a try there. When used in combination with other accessories, you can use a patio cleaner just about anywhere. Work slowly and remember to start in a more hidden area on the lowest possible setting.

Patio cleaner on wall
A Patio cleaner can clean a lot more than just the Patio!