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    AVA Zoom Lance

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    The AVA Zoom Lance is the ideal accessory for maintaining an ergonomic working position during cleaning. Its innovative design allows you to adjust the length from 63 cm to 96 cm, enabling you to reach both high and low areas without having to stretch or bend unnecessarily. With the built-in length adjustment of the AVA Zoom Lance, you can easily customize the lance according to your needs. Whether you're cleaning the roof, facade, or floor, you can adjust the length to achieve optimal reach and comfort. The flexible length setting allows you to adapt to various cleaning tasks and gives you full control over your work. To ensure safe and hassle-free use, the AVA Zoom Lance features a built-in safety function. It requires the use of both hands to adjust the lance, preventing accidental adjustments during work. This provides you with extra security and stability while performing your cleaning tasks. Experience the ergonomic advantage and easy adaptation to different heights with the AVA Zoom Lance. With this practical and secure lance, you can achieve efficient cleaning results while taking care of your own comfort and well-being. Explore the benefits of adjustable length and user-friendliness with the AVA Zoom Lance.

    • Can be adjusted from 63 to 96 cm
    • Ergonomic working position
    • Kind to the back regardless of height
    • Built-in safety feature
    • Compatible with AVA pressure washers


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