AVA Car Washing 1-2-3

A How To Guide on Car Washing With AVA Pressure Washers
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How to clean your car with a pressure washer

Cleaning your car can take a lot of time and effort. This is something a lot of us do not have so much of these days. Using a pressure washer cuts down the time that you need to spend on washing your car. It also reduces the strain on your body because of the time that you save.

Can a pressure washer be used to safely wash a car?

First things first. At AVA, we do not presume to be car detailing experts. But we understand that your car is your most prized asset. When we recommend car cleaning methods, we make sure to tell you how to keep your car looking new and clean. We also show you how to protect it from scratches during the cleaning process.

Are you are someone who likes to spend a lot of time washing your car? Or do you prefer to do a very quick in and out job? We have the car washing tips to suit your time needs. Our methods aim to ensure that you wash your car with all the requisite care and in an effective manner.

Here is the step by step of how to go about washing your car the AVA way.

1. Initial Foam and Rinse

Foaming a car using the AVA Zoom Lance with a foam cannon and soap bottle attached to the end.

We recommend for the first step applying a generous layer of foam all over the vehicle. It sounds like fun and trust us, it is. Depending on how dirty your car was to begin with, you can use a prewash detergent spray before foaming.

We recommend using an AVA Zoom Lance with a Foam Cannon and detergent bottle attached to it. The Zoom Lance is adjustable from 63cm to 96 cm. It allows you to keep a safe distance from the foamy soap that is splashing on the car.

After leaving the foam on for a few minutes, you should start to see some dirty foam running down the car. Leave the foam on for about five minutes. Then give the car an initial water rinse down using the Zoom Lance and the 60° setting on the Vario Nozzle.

Side note: At this stage you can begin to wash the rims and tires with a cleaning agent and a soft brush.

2. Foam again and Clean with a microfibre pad

Washing the car with a microfibre mop

After foaming your car once more, gently and carefully go over the car body with a microfibre mop or pad in hand. Start from the top half of the car and work your way all the way around. Then using a new microfibre cloth, go over the bottom part of your car.

Make sure that there are no visible stone or rock particles on the car's surface that can scratch the paint. Scrub the rims and tires again with a soft rim brush.

Side note: You may want to have two buckets for the microfibre pad cleaning. One bucket for the soap and another with clean rinsing water.

3. Final Water Rinse Down

Rinsing down the car with the 60° Vario Nozzle setting.

The most satisfying stage of washing your car with a pressure washer is rinsing the car down. The 60° Vario Nozzle setting is the best for this job. It creates wide and gentle jet spray which will ensure that the paintwork of the car is not damaged.

Your car starts to transform from a foamy mess into the shiny new object you fell in love with all those years ago. You can also remove the Zoom Lance and spray the car using the Zero Force gun and Vario nozzle combination.

Additional Tips

Cleaning the undercarriage of the car with the 90° lance.

Rinsing the undercarriage of your car is important. It gets rid of the all the algae, moss and grime that builds up underneath your car over time. It also removes harmful chemicals that can accumulate and lead to rusting. To reach this area of your car, we recommend using the AVA 90° Lance.

If you have trouble reaching the top of your car or you would like to rinse the car at a different angle, you can use the AVA Flexi Lance. Cleaning the top or undercarriage is made easier by the reach and adjustable angle of the Flexi Lance.