Slim has a brush edge with an extra scrub that is well suited for corners, which means that you can easily scrub extra on stains, bird droppings etc. This brush can also be used in corners where it can be difficult to rinse properly.

With AVA’s short gun and handle on top, you get a good and ergonomic working position even when washing vertical surfaces such as foundation wall, garage door or along a fence. It has a good handle that means you can also use it to wash walls.

The patio cleaner works with two rotating nozzles close to the surface. This provides an efficient and gentle wash and since you keep an even distance to the washing surface, it is also easier to get a good result. We recommend washing after a rainy period and lathering detergent on beforehand so this can work for a while before you start.



Suits AVA P30 and P60 models
Product number: 11-120-332

Suits AVA P70 and P80 models
Product number: 11-120-333