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In order to achieve maximum power when using high-pressure washers, the different pump sizes require specific nozzles. When you buy a machine, you of course get nozzles that fits.

The problem can arise when buying nozzles afterwards. If the nozzle opening is too small, where the water runs, the machine can start switching on and off continuously during use.

This happens because the machine reaches maximum pressure and reacts by turning off. This can damage the machine if it happens over a certain time period.

If the nozzle is too large in relation to the machine's power, you will lose a lot of the pressure. This will cause you to spend more time on the washing process, and you can go a long time without noticing this error.

Because of this, we at AVA have created a system that will help you choose the right nozzle for your machine!

ava colorcodes

On the image above you see that the tip of the bayonet is green and that the neck is marked with text that says which models it fits.

All AVA accessories sold loosely are marked with:

  • Green = Made for P30 - P60
  • Blue = Made for P70 - P80
  • Purple = Made for P90

All nozzles from AVA have their own colors and imprints that clearly show the degree of the jet on the selected nozzle. Previously, we marked the nozzles with a small dot in the mentioned colors as shown below.

color codes AVA
Vario Nozzle 01
Turbo Nozzle 01
25 Nozzle 02
Vario Nozzle – combo of 20 & 60 degrees | AVA of Norway

Vario Nozzle

The AVA Vario Nozzle is a fan favorite. With the ability to switch between a 20° and a 60° spray with simple a twisting motion, it covers most everyday situations.

Turbo Nozzle | Pressure washer nozzle tips

Turbo Nozzle

The turbo nozzle is the most powerful nozzle in AVAs nozzle arsenal. It combines the power of a 0° nozzle with the coverage of a 20° nozzle.

0 Grads Dyse

AVA 0° Nozzle

The 0° Nozzle is ideal for cutting through soft soil. The nozzle has been optimized so the water jet travels further before atomization occurs. It is perfect when you want to lay down cables or pipes in your lawn topsoil or want to remove dirt between pavement stones.

15 Degree Nozzle

AVA 15° Nozzle

This nozzle is effective when you want to clean the driveway, or metal surfaces. The shape of the nozzle disperses the water in an even fan, which in turn contributes to reduced atomization of water.

25 degree nozzle | Pressure washer nozzle tips | AVA of Norway

25° Nozzle

The AVA 25° Nozzle is perfect for cleaning your boat or a tractor that needs a powerful clean. It is efficient enough to remove algae, seaweed, dust and dirt, yet gentle enough on the surface of the boat or vehicle.

40 degree nozzle | Pressure washer nozzle tips | AVA of Norway

40° Nozzle

The AVA 40° Nozzle has an efficient, yet gentle spray pattern. You would use this nozzle for your car and other areas that require gentle cleaning.

60 degree nozzle | Pressure washer nozzle tips

60° Nozzle

The AVA 60° Nozzle has a spray pattern that gives a very gentle treatment of the surface. This nozzle is perfect for cleaning your house facade and other wooden surfaces as the wide spread will not damage the wood or painted surfaces.