The AVA Telescopic Lance is over four meters when fully extended and has an adjustable head angle. It is suitable for work in heights up to five meters, such as a large house or vehicle. It can also be used to apply detergent with the use of an AVA Foam Cannon. When using the Lance to apply detergent, you have the choice of using the foam cannon with the bottle attached or making use of the telescopic lance built-in adjustable detergent system for convenience.

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The telescopic lance utilize a standard AVA bayonet at the top, which allows you to mount every nozzle, brush or patio cleaner from our extensive range of equipment. This lance has our new zero-force trigger system that reduces the holding force in the trigger by approximately 90% compared to our old AVA gun. A shoulder strap is included to distribute the weight of the lance and is highly recommended for prolonged use.

The AVA Telescopic lance is compatible with all AVA pressure washers, most newer Kärcher (with use of the included adapter), Nilfisk, Bosch, Stihl, Husqvarna and Makita. Please compare your hose connector with the pictures below or contact your local dealer if you are uncertain about compatibility.

Detergent bottle, foam cannon and nozzles are not included.


Product number: 11-110-113

Telescopic Lance 140 degree
Telescopic Lance Adjustable
Telescopic Lance Zero Force Trigger