AVA Telescopi Lance with Facade Brush
Flexi Lance 01
Zoom Lance 02
Telescopic lance | Pressure washer lances

AVA Telescopic Lance

The AVA Telescopic Lance is over four meters when fully extended and has an adjustable head angle . It is suitable for work in heights up to five meters, such as a large house or vehicle.

Flexilance – a flexible lance for pressure washers

AVA Flexilance

The AVA Flexi Lance opens a range of opportunities when it comes to pressure washing. Standing in a comfortable position, you can clean the roof of your car, underneath it, and even inside the wheel wells. The length and functions help to always give you an ergonomic working position.

Zoomlance | Pressure washer lances

AVA Zoom Lance

The AVA Zoom Lance is kind to your back no matter your height. The lance is adjustable from 63 to 96 centimeters. With this lance you can stand in an ergonomic working position when cleaning the ground, under the car and even high up on top of the car, your house or other hard-to-reach places.