The AVA Brass Foam Cannon creates a thick layer of long-lasting foam that clings to every surface. Exactly how much foam the cannon sprays can be adjusted. It utilizes a high-quality stainless steel mesh filter to mix detergent, water, and air. Most 1-liter bottles fit directly onto the foam cannon.

AVA Color Codes

All AVA nozzles and accessories follow specific color codes that show which AVA models they fit. The color codes should help so that you as a user get the most out of your high-pressure washer, and so the job is as efficient as possible.

ava color codes

On the image above you see that the tip of the bayonet is Green, this means that these nozzles are made for P30 up to and including P60 models. The blue dot indicates that the nozzle is made for P70 - P80 and Purple means P90.

In addition to the color codes, it is also written which models the machine is compatible on the neck of the nozzle so that there should be no doubt!
All fixed nozzles from AVA have their own colors and imprints that clearly show the degree to which the jet on the selected nozzle has. Previously, we marked the nozzles with a small dot in the mentioned colors as shown below.

color codes AVA
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  • Not all detergents have foaming agents. You can still apply them to the Foam Cannon, but they do not necessarily turn into thick foam.
  • The water flow from the pressure washer significantly impacts the mix ratio. Set the mix to a lower setting with smaller pressure washer models.
  • The thicker the detergent, the higher setting on the Foam Cannon is needed for a proper mix.
  • Due to these variables, it’s impossible to set an exact mixing ratio. The general rule is: Use the lowest possible setting that gives a desirable result.
  • Always spray a while with the bottle detached after cleaning, to properly rinse the inside of the Foam Cannon and prevent detergent from drying and clogging the product.

Adjustment range:

1-5% detergent.

Product number:


AVA Foam Cannon Brass in use
AVA Foam Cannon Brass