We offer a wide selection of different lances to suit your needs. Different lances allow you to reach different heights and reach different angles while washing. This allows you to take a more thorough wash of what you would like. The different lances offer different possibilities, so feel free to read about them before you decide on which one to buy.

Zoom lanse ut MG 3707 rgb
Flexilanse MG 4475
Telescopic Lance

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Extension Hoses

Our extension hoses can be used to extend the range of all AVA high pressure washers. High quality ensures flexibility and long life.

Stål slange
Steel reinforced hose | Pressure washer hoses
koble fiber

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Foam Cannon 01
Foam Cannon 02
Foam Cannon 03


AVA has a nozzle for every situation. We've spent countless hours testing and developing to find the perfect combination of power, width and working distance. Specialized nozzles are the most effective solution when it comes to transferring the right amount of power from the pump to the surface you are cleaning.

Variodyse 1
Turbo Nozzle 01
AVA 60 degree nozzle

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We offer a wide range of brushes. The AVA facade brush with high-pressure nozzles fits most surfaces and is easy to use. The Garden furniture brush is perfect for cleaning smaller outdoor surfaces, while the microfiber mops are perfect for fragile surfaces, such as windows.

Facade Brush 03
Furniture Brush 01
Microfiber Mop 01

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Pressure Guns

The AVA Zero-Force pistol is an improvement on the original AVA pressure pistol. Important feedback from our customers who used the high pressure washer for long periods, was that the holding force of the trigger on the gun was uncomfortable. Therefore, we have created a solution that prevents your hand from getting tired while cleaning.

Zero force gun 01

The AVA Zero-Force Trigger makes cleaning easier when standing on ladders, around the vehicle or in tight areas.

Zero force gun 02

As the name suggests, this gun has a Zero-Force Trigger that provides minimal strain on the hand during use. With up to 90% less power required, it allows you to hold the trigger with just one finger!

Zero force gun 03

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Adapters for pressure guns with threads when you want to use AVA or Kärcher accessories.

Male Bayonet 03
Bayonet Female 04
Accessory Swivel 01

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Check out AVAs Tool Organizer!

When you buy a pressure washer it is often accompanied by different accessories, and it becomes easy to forget where you put what. We want to contribute and to help you stay organized. That is why we have created AVA Tool Organizer, so that you'll always be organized!
When buying loose nozzles they are accompanied by hang-tags that can be used to attach the nozzle to the Tool Organizer.